BCM212 Research Update!

My research project is focusing on the issue of university students and their food choices. Although I believe it is important to purchase locally, as a student it can be difficult, as healthier foods can seem more expensive. I am also interested in finding out how university students feel about local produce. My last post established my research question:

Does money influence university students food choices?

Initially I intended to use a survey, focus group and interviews as my methodologies. However after feedback, I have decided to only do a survey and an in class focus group (during week 9).

My progress so far:

  • I have created and published a survey for University of Wollongong students to complete. I have used twitter to promote the survey to classmates using #BCM212. If you haven’t already done so I would really appreciate it if you could peas complete my survey here!
Source: https://hashtagtheshop.com/products/peas-thank-you
  • I have also begun planning my focus group questions! I’m planning to ask some questions that I didn’t include in my survey that will gain more detailed responses. I’m planning to give members of the group a handout with some information on it before the survey to help develop opinions and inform them about my research.
  • Background research has been conducted to help develop a deeper understanding of the issue of food affordability. Instead of focusing purely on students, I have broadened my research and have found about the issue of food insecurity which many Australians face.

I am really looking forward to seeing the outcome of this project as well as seeing the final survey results and the results of the focus group.

If you wish to contact me please email me at nmf456@uowmail.edu.au or feel free to contact me on twitter!


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