Time for another update!

Hey guys,

Thought it was time to give you all another update on research project for bcm212:

Does money affect university students food choices?


If you haven’t already done so, please please please participate in my survey!

So far the results of my survey have shown:

  • The majority of survey participants live at home
  • A large proportion buy their own groceries but many peoples parents/families buy their household groceries
  • 94% of participants purchase their groceries from mass supermarket chains such as Woolworths and Coles
  • 69% believe if they had more money to spend on food their diets would improve
  • many indicated they would like to purchase foods locally but there are barriers stopping them such as money, time and the lack of information about where to source local produce.

Focus Group:

I have also conducted in an class focus group about my classmates opinions of food affordability to gain a deeper insight to their opinions and experiences. I recorded the focus group on my phone to ensure I am able to listen back on the experience and analyse the results properly.

The results were very interesting and all participants agreed that they struggled with food due to money:

  • Everyone thought that their health would improve if they had more money
  • Bills and rent are prioritised before food purchases
  • Those who live at home do not purchase their own food, those out of home pay for their food independently
  • Those who receive Centerlink payments do not prioritise this money towards food
  • In areas with lots of food choices (e.g. foodcourt) McDonalds is the cheapest and preferred although it is unhealthy

(only some of the results)

Feel free to reach out to me on twitter or through email if you have any opinions or thoughts you would like to share!




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