The Multiple Faces of the Internet

Online we are to create a reputation for ourselves that effects the way others perceive us. You can never be entirely certain of someones identity on the internet. Most try to curate a a positive reputation that seems almost too perfect. Across multiple platforms, keeping a continuous persona can be difficult.     Image: Many people … More The Multiple Faces of the Internet

Remixing The News

Music remixes are all around us, all the time, probably without us even realising. One of Australia’s most popular radio stations Triple J plays a remix every hour when they announce the news. In an interview with the producers, the creation of the theme is explained. The news theme begins with some guitar, an iconic scratch from … More Remixing The News

DIGITAL ARTEFACT || Annotated Bibliography

  Digital Artefact: A daily insight into the not so strenuous side of life as a UOW Student. Source 1: Instagram for Marketing Communication Whilst researching platforms to create my digital artefact, this article was very influential towards my choice of using Instagram. The article effectively explains the communication process of Instagram with the inclusion … More DIGITAL ARTEFACT || Annotated Bibliography


In transmedia, elements of a fiction are dispersed across multiple platforms to create a unified and larger network for the product. Harry potter has a huge following and falls directly into this Transmedia category. It stemmed from the book series, but from there has become films that have inspired a huge range of merchandise – … More Transmedia

Glitches or Art?

The transition of analog to digital technologies have massively impacted society, changing the meaning of craft. This impact of new technologies can definitely be seen within film, animation and special effects. Glitch Art, takes bugs in technology and exploits them into a work of art.     Techniques such as databending, transcoding and datamoshing are … More Glitches or Art?


  Copyright can be seen as both a positive and negative thing. Have a listen to my first ever Soundcloud post touching  on some of the effects and the history of copyright, the recent “Happy Birthday To You” settlement and Australia’s Copyright Act 1968. P.s sorry about the few stumbles over a couple of words.